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Data Science Lifecycle

Introduction Data Science is said to be an interdisciplinary field that consists of many phases. Data Scientists require many different skills like statistics, algebra, probability, programming, domain knowledge, etc., to define business problems accurately and then solve them. At each stage of the entire data science lifecycle, data scientists use various tools and techniques to get the best… Read More »

Difference between Data Scientist vs Data Analyst

Introduction When I started learning data science, I always thought data science and Data Analysis were synonymous. When I started digging deep, I realized that although data analysis takes up a considerable portion of the data science process, data science is still very vast and contains multiple disciplines. So today I thought, I should put my learnings somewhere… Read More »

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs of late and rightly so – data engineers work a lot with structured and unstructured data collected from various sources. Also, they are responsible for managing complex workflows, ETL, managing pipelines, automation, data modeling, etc. Data engineers ensure a smooth flow of data between applications and servers. They architect… Read More »

Data Science vs Data Mining

Are you looking to see the difference between data science vs data mining? Introduction to Data Science Data is ruling the universe right now, and new data is getting added every second, which means the data processing techniques are becoming better equipped. As humans, we are trying to cope with and develop new approaches to process and make… Read More »

Python Data Visualization

Data Visualization is one of the most significant skills that every Data Scientist possesses, and it’s not a field that a Data Scientist can ignore or underrated. Data visualization is an ocean itself and there are a number of courses and resources in this specific field of Data Science. There are many universities that provide Data Visualization courses… Read More »

Data Science Applications in Finance

Introduction – Data Science in a Snapshot Data science has changed the way businesses work today. It is used in almost all domains today. Financial analysts nowadays heavily rely on data for many tasks like fraud detection, managing risks, securing transactions, customer analytics, predictive analytics, and much more. Data is given the utmost importance in the field of… Read More »