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Python for Data Science

What is Data Science? Termed as an interdisciplinary field, Data science is truly a field that consists of collection, preparation, analysis, visualization, and reporting of data to get useful insights from the same and make future predictions. For example, a company whose sales are going down can collect data from the time when the sales dropped and analyze… Read More »

Data Analysis Techniques

Introduction to Data Analysis The word data has been the world’s most popular word for quite some time now. Analyzing data means to make sense out of it by using various techniques and tools. For example, if a child has some problems in learning, you collect information from their parents or peers on their behaviour otherwise, and then… Read More »

10 Best Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Data analytics is a process to manage and analyze the big set of data correctly to make it explainable, presentable for finding the conclusions. Therefore it is essential to have appropriate decisions through a sophisticated collection of data. There are various data analytics tools available for data analytics, and many organizations are using these data analytics tools to… Read More »

Difference between Data Science vs AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Data science and AI have become two most talked about fields. A career as a data analyst, AI engineer or data scientist can fetch you a high salary as well as a fulfilling job experience. Data Science involves knowledge of a lot of subfields (which we have discussed later). AI is yet to get there but is picking… Read More »

Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

Data science is one of the top career options right now, and the average salary of a data scientist can go up to $117,345 per annum. Cracking a data science interview is not easy. There are a variety of technical and non-technical questions that the interviewer may ask you, to test your overall skills – analytical, programming, statistics,… Read More »