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What is NoSQL Database?

NoSQL stands for “Not Only SQL”, and it is a database model and unlike Relational Database it does not use tables to store data. There are various types of NoSQL database present in the digital market and their types generally depend on the data models they store. Some of the major NoSQL types are document, key-value, wide-columns and… Read More »

What is Database?

Every organization in the real world is like a system which requires resources to fulfil its objectives. These resources include physical resources (humans and equipment), and logical resources (data). It is complicated to relay on the physical resources because they consume a lot of time and these resources are error-prone, so it’s always a good idea to use… Read More »

What is DBMS?

Information is something that needs to be managed well and a specific requirement of every company out there. In order to manage the same, the enterprise is requested to know its needs regarding information, acquire them, organize the same, check the quality and sources because the reliability of same matters for sure and the last comes making such… Read More »