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Library vs Framework – What is the Difference?

Before developing an application, the development team has to first decide the programming language they need to use and then a library or framework. Both a library and framework facilitate the development process. However, many people often get confused between library and framework (library vs framework). So, which one to choose and when? Let’s know here and today.… Read More »

10 Best HTML Frameworks to Use for Web Development

When it comes to software development, we often hear the word ‘framework.’ Generally, there are two different categories of frameworks in computer programming, namely backend and frontend. But what exactly is a framework? Through this article, we will introduce you briefly to HTML frameworks and their various types. Later, we shall see some key factors that you need… Read More »

What is Framework?

The term ‘framework’, in general, refers to a basic structure that serves as a support for developing something. Alternatively, you can define a framework as a foundation and build something on top of it. Let us consider that you are constructing a house. As you know, the foundation and frame of a house are the elementary components that… Read More »

What is Bottle Framework in Python (An Introduction to Bottle Framework)

Python support many web frameworks for the rapid development of web applications and server-side scripting. Bottel is also one of Python’s WSGI micro web frameworks. Micro because it is lightweight and has no external dependencies, it only uses Python standard modules and WSGI to design and run web applications. Because of its few dependencies, it’s very easy and… Read More »

Best Machine Learning Frameworks (ML) for Experts in 2022

Machine learning (ML) focuses on providing machines with the ability to learn without being programmed and improve their decision-making capability over each iteration through experience. In other words, machine learning enables machines to learn just like humans. Here, we will discuss the best machine learning frameworks. ML is the subset of artificial intelligence, and it has several real-world… Read More »

10 Best Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2022

Are you done with basic programming in Python? Or PHP/JavaScript/Java, or any other programming language? And now want to update your skills in 2022 to start/advance a career in web development? Learn web frameworks to boost your career as a web developer. Choose among the popular web development frameworks from below and start your journey. Mostly all tech… Read More »