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What is AJAX Full Form?

AJAX full form is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Unlike what many people think it to be, AJAX is not a programming language. Instead, it is a collection of web development practices for the front-end to create dynamic web applications. AJAX is a preferred choice of web developers as it comes with numerous advantages. It is a bundle of… Read More »

NABARD Full Form

NABARD Full Form: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development NABARD Full Form is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, and it is a Development Financial Institution (DVI) in India that provides risk capital to the rural areas for agriculture and economic development. In short, it is a bank responsible for providing credits to the rural area… Read More »

NGO Full Form

NGO Full Form: Non-Governmental Organizations NGO Full Form is Non-governmental Organizations. As its name suggests these organizations are independent of the government. These organizations work for humanity and other social welfares, though there are many NGOs for corporations. These are also subgroups of organization which are founded by citizens, which includes clubs and other associations. Generally, NGO’s raise… Read More »

IGST Full Form

IGST Full Form– Integrated Goods and Service Tax IGST Full Form is Integrated Goods and Service Tax, it is also called as IGST Act 2017. It is a component of Goods and Service Tax (GST). It is a tax which can be levy by the central government on the basis of IGST Act 2017, According to IGST act,… Read More »

PCS Full Form

PCS Full Form: Provincial Civil Service PCS Full Form is Provincial Civil Service. It is a civil service department and every state of India has its PCS officers. The PCS officers work under the state government and their powers and responsibility are limited to the state itself. Every state of India has a public service commission that conducts… Read More »

NTPC Full Form

NTPC Full Form: National Thermal Power Corporation NTPC Full Form is National Thermal Power Corporation. It is an Indian Public sector which deals with the generation and sales of electricity along with some allied activities. The Headquarters of NTPC is located in New Delhi India. The main business of NTPC is to generate and sell the electricity to… Read More »

DRDO Full Form

DRDO Full Form: Defence Research and Development Organisation DRDO Full Form is the Defence Research and Development Organization. It is a research organization of Indian agency which deal with the Indian Military’s research and development, the complete organization comes under the administrative control of The Indian Government more specifically under the Ministry of Defence. The organization was established… Read More »

MCA Full Form

MCA Full Form: Master of Computer Application MCA Full Form is a Master of Computer Application. It is 3 years post-graduate program for those candidates who seek a career in the IT industry. This program is a master extension of Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA) and comes under the provision of All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).… Read More »

RADAR Full Form

RADAR full form is Radio Detection and Ranging. It is a device that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, and velocity of objects. There are various direct applications of RADAR devices, such as it is used to detect airplanes, ships, spaceships, missiles, vehicles, weather information, and terrain. RADAR uses a transmitter to produce electromagnetic waves, like… Read More »

IPS Full Form

IPS Full Form: Indian Police Service IPS Full Form is Indian Police Service. IPS considered one of the most prestigious services in India, every year thousands of Aspirants apply for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam and only a few of them get selected for the three different services among which IPS considered the most prestigious. Along… Read More »