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IELTS Full Form

IELTS Full Form: International English Language Testing System IELTS Full Form is International English Language Testing System. It is an international standardized English test conducted by the cumulative standards of British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. This test is used to check the proficiency of a non-native English language speaker if he or she applies… Read More »

B.Tech Full Form

B.Tech Full Form: Bachelor of Technology B.Tech Full-Form Bachelor of Technology. It is an undergraduate course that offers an Engineering degree in various disciplines. Many countries such as Canada, India, Zimbabwe, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United States offer this course. In India, there are more than thousands of institutes and universities… Read More »

CPU Full Form

CPU Full Form: Central Processing Unit CPU Full Form is the Central Processing Unit. It is also known as the central processor or main processor of a system, an informal definition termed CPU as the brain of the Computer system. It is the electronic circuit present in the system which is responsible for the execution of instructions that… Read More »

IDE Full Form

IDE Full Form: Integrated Development Environment IDE Full Form is an Integrated Development Environment. It is a software we use to write the program because it gives more functionality and facilities to write code. A standard IDE consists of tools like code editor, automation, debugger, and compiler or interpreter. What is IDE? For different programming languages, we have… Read More »

DVD Full Form

DVD Full Form: Digital Versatile Disc/Digital Video Disc DVD Full Form is Digit Versatile Disc, it is also known as Digital Video Disc. It is an optical disc storage device that is used to store high-quality data which includes Audio, Videos, Software, and even Operating Systems. To read data from the DVD we require a DVD player. Though… Read More »

SIM Full Form

SIM Full Form: Subscriber Identity Module SIM Full Form is Subscriber Identity Module, and we simply called it a sim card. It is an integrated circuit that stores the international mobile subscriber identity number and security key related to the authorized subscriber. SIM cards come with some memory space approx. 64KB which is used to store the contact… Read More »

GPRS Full Form

GPRS Full Form: General Packet Radio Service GPRS Full Form is General Packet Radio Service. It is a packet-oriented mobile data standard on the 2G and 3G cellular communication network’s global system for mobile phones. In simple word, GPRS is a system which extends the reach of mobile devices by connecting them with the Internet. Right now, GPRS… Read More »

HSC Full Form

HSC Full Form: Higher Secondary Certificate/ Higher Secondary School Certificate HSC Full Form is the Higher Secondary School certificate, and it is also known as the Higher Secondary School Certificate(HSSC). It is a public examination conducted by Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and India for the +2 standard students. In India states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana,… Read More »

CGPA Full Form

CGPA Full Form: Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA Full Form is Cumulative Grade Point Average.  It is a grading system, used to evaluate the grade of multiple subjects of a student. Most of the institutes such as schools and colleges used this grading system to compute the academic performance of the student. According to the student, academic performance… Read More »