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MIS Full Form

MIS stands for a management information system.  It is a study performed on people, organization, technology, and relationships with the help of computer technology. To calculate all the benefits involved in personnel, equipment and business processes, an MIS professional is hired. This whole field is based on people. Computer-based technology is used to calculate the results henceforth the… Read More »

HTML Full Form

HTML: HyperText Markup Language HTML abbreviates for Hypertext Markup Language. Hypertext comes from the word hyperlink which refers to the connection between the pages. Markup refers to the defined elements to be the layout of the page and the elements within it. The language combines both the features to make it Hypertext Markup Language that is used to… Read More »

WIFI Full Form

WIFI: Wireless Fidelity WIFI is a local area wireless technological masterpiece that grants the power to transmit data from the electronic device to another or allows us to connect to the internet using ISM radio bands and is also spelled as Wi-Fi. It makes communication between computers and electronic devices possible over a wireless network and is an… Read More »

WWW Full Form

WWW: World Wide Web – What is the Full Form of WWW A massive arrangement of hypertext documents whose passage is easily accessible via the internet. World wide web is well known as WWW and is an open port of all the websites associated with the internet and are interlinked worldwide. Web-pages contain texts, images and other multimedia… Read More »

UNESCO Full Form

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization In 1946 an international specialized organization was formed by the United Nations to promote peace and security by collaborating internationally. This organization was named as United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The fundamental rights, scientific, educational and cultural rights are promoted by UNESCO. The headquarters of UNESCO lies in… Read More »

GDP Full Form

GDP: Gross Domestic Product The total aggregate of the market value of all the goods, products and services produced within a specific duration of time in a country is called GDP. GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product. GDP allows us to estimate the size of the economy and overall economic health of a country which covers both growth… Read More »

EMI Full Form

EMI: Equated Monthly Instalment EMI abbreviates for Equated Monthly Instalment. The Borrower has to pay a certain dictated payment amount to the moneylender at a specific date of each month for a certain period. EMI is a non-uniform combination of principal and interest rate which the borrower has to pay to the lender over a certain amount of… Read More »

CFO Full Form

The chief financial officer is known as CFO. In a company, a CFO manages all the financial activities and is assigned to the post of Senior Finance manager. All the financial and risk management tasks are performed under the Chief Financial Officer as he is the head of the accounting and finance department of a company.

HDFC Full Form

HDFC is the abbreviation of housing development finance corporation. Well renowned cooperation associated in India responsible for providing house loans to people of middle and low class along with providing funds to builders for construction projects.  The corporation works to achieve the aim of improving the stock of residential housing by providing financial help for housing by the… Read More »

GPS Full Form

GPS full form is Global Positioning System, and it is a popular technology that facilitates navigation. The very first model of GPS was devised in the earlier 1960s to allow the ships of the US Navy to easily and accurately navigate their way through the vast oceans. The first system was commenced with five satellites, enabling ships to… Read More »