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USB Full Form

USB Full Form USB: Universal Serial Bus USB is used as a universal portable device that can be connected to our laptop, computers and such devices. USB is an industry-standard that stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB is used to tag cables, connectors and communication protocols via this bus for connection, communication and power supply between electronics.

BPO Full Form

BPO stands for Business process outsourcing. Many non-core tasks of a company are performed on the contact basis given to an outside service or business provider. This is done with the help of BPO. It is a cost-saving measure that helps the company to focus on important tasks. 

DSLR Full Form

DSLR Full Form DSLR: Digital single-lens reflex DSLR is a digital camera that stands for digital single-lens reflex and comes with other compatible lenses that can be switched as and when to the user’s choice. DSLR is a unique blend of optics and mechanism of single-lens reflex with the modern digital imaging sensor. A digital camera wherein a… Read More »

ITI Full Form

ITI is an abbreviated form of industrial training institute. It is otherwise called ITI’s It gives knowledge in building and non-designing specialized fields. It is a post-auxiliary school in India which is established under the Directorate General of Employment of Training (DGET), Ministry of Labour and Employment Union Government of India. It gives preparing in different exchanges, for… Read More »

ICT Full Form

ICT represents Information and Communications Technology. It is an umbrella term that alludes to mechanical tools and assets (specialized gadgets and applications) used to deal with system-based control and observing, media communications, varying media preparing and transmission frameworks, intelligent structure the board frameworks, communicative media, etc. It incorporates any item that stores, recovers, and deals with the computerized… Read More »