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Data Structure Interview Questions

Every year many computer science graduates apply for the job related to programming, coding and software development in big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, etc., but many graduates have no idea what kind of programming questions they might have to face in the interview. Most of the coding interviews mainly comprised of Data Structure and… Read More »

Bootstrap Interview Questions

Bootstrap is the famous front-end tool for designing web-pages, and it includes all 3-basic components of Front-end development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with jQuery. Many projects which are based on Back-end tools, use BootStrap for front-end design. Bootstrap provides pre-written HTML and CSS code which we can simply copy and paste to build an interactive and responsive… Read More »

Top 70+ Operating System Interview Questions and Answers 2021 [Updated]

If you are preparing for an IT-based technical interview, then we suggest you go through these best operating system interview questions. In these interviews, apart from your problem-solving skills, the interviewer may also test your knowledge of operating systems. Every software developer or IT student must have the knowledge and basic understanding of operating systems and the associated… Read More »

Best Android Interview Questions to Prepare With in 2022

These days everyone is aware of Android because it is everywhere. It has a huge market all over the globe. Google, the parent company of Android, hires developers from across the world to develop Android further. Android flaunts a seemingly infinite number of applications on the Play Store, promising a bright future for Android developers. This article discusses… Read More »