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60 Top Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Apache Hadoop is an open-source big data framework written in Java. It stores and processes humongous amounts of data. Hadoop is licensed under Apache License 2.0. Before discussing the best Hadoop interview questions for 2022, let’s know a little more about Hadoop. The name Hadoop comes from an interesting fact that Doug Cutting, one of the creators of… Read More »

65 Top Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions? If yes then start here. What is AI? AI is a branch of computers involved in the creation of intelligent machines that can perform tasks and think like humans. Some common examples are speech recognition, text recognition, planning and decision management, etc. AI does this through learning, problem-solving, and improvisation.… Read More »

50 Best Front End Interview Questions and Answers

Any web development job interview consists of both backend and front-end interview questions. Although the role of front-end developers is always underplayed, they play a crucial role in web development. It’s the job of the front-end developer to build a user interface that facilitates the visitor-website (or web app) interaction. Earlier front-end development was just about HTML, CSS,… Read More »

Top 50+ Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers

On average, a machine learning engineer having about 5 to 7 years of experience earns about $134,756 yearly. ML engineers are in high demand and will be more as artificial intelligence technologies evolve in the years to come. This blog discusses the best machine learning interview questions to crack an ML interview in 2022. What is Machine Learning?… Read More »

Software Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Software testing is the most critical phase of the software development life cycle. The software application under development has to be a quality deliverable to the client and should be error-free. It needs a systematic approach and foolproof planning. The errors should be recorded and fixed, and testing cycles should be done multiple times by professional testers until… Read More »

Programming Interview Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for an upcoming programming interview? Here we have compiled a list of general programming interview questions that will help you to prepare for the same. Every year, thousands of computer science graduates face technical interviews organized by IT companies for the role of senior and junior developers. Programming interviews are designed to test the developer’s… Read More »

Unix Interview Questions and Answers

Here we have provided the most commonly asked UNIX interview questions and answers. All of these questions are asked during the Java developer, UNIX administrator, or other support role interview. What is Unix? Unix is one of the most popular operating systems, and it is widely used as an operating system for servers. Nonetheless, Unix can also be… Read More »

Top Data Science Interview Questions and Answers

Data science is one of the top career options right now, and the average salary of a data scientist can go up to $117,345 per annum. Cracking a data science interview, however, is not easy. There are a variety of technical and non-technical data science interview questions that the interviewer may ask you to test your overall skills,… Read More »