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10 Best Kubernetes Certifications

Any application produced in one environment usually crashes or underperforms in other environments. Another difficulty with the physical servers is constant resource allocation, which becomes essential when several applications are hosted on a single server. There have been instances where one application occupies a large number of resources, causing other applications to struggle and eventually crash. Virtualization, which… Read More »

What is Kubernetes? How does Kubernetes work?

It is an extensible, portable, and open-sourced platform to manage workloads and services that support both automation configurations. It has a vast and fast-growing ecosystem and Kubernetes services, support, and tools are broadly available. The word Kubernetes is a Greek that means a helper or pilot and Google unveiled the Kubernetes project in 2014. Kubernetes combines more than… Read More »

Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm: What’s the Difference?

When you move your business to cloud technology, you need to run several apps, and thus you need to manage all of them effectively.  Container orchestration helps you to reduce the complexity of managing apps and gives you better control over the cloud environment. At present, there are three major container orchestration systems, namely Kubernetes, Docker-swarm, and Mesos.… Read More »