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Unix vs Linux: Difference Between Linux and Unix

Difference between Unix and Linux is a prevalent interview question and many newcomer developers get confused UNIX with Linux because of their name resemblance, similar command features and applications. If we look at the market shear of Operating Systems, here Linux dominates over UNIX, however, both the operating systems can be used in various platforms for the same… Read More »

Linux Distribution

Linux is an Open Source Operating System and when we say Linux Operating System we mean Linux Kernel; FYI Linux is not a complete operating system it’s just a kernel. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, etc. are the complete Linux Operating system and they all use Linux Kernel with different software and packages to make a distinct Operating System… Read More »

How to Install Kali Linux?

As important is the information in this digital age, so is information security. Infosec is basically an umbrella term that covers all the practices, tools, and strategies involved in securing digital information. Anyone aiming to pursue a career in information security, ethical hacking, and/or cybersecurity must be adept at using at the very least one security-oriented operating system.… Read More »

Best Linux Command

Here in this article, we have provided some of the most important Linux commands, which we often use when we interact with Linux terminal. Many of the Hosting servers support the Linux dashboard to host a website, so a web-developer needs to have the knowledge of basic Linux commands. Linux command for File navigations Here are some basic… Read More »