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10 Best C# Books

There are a variety of programming languages that developers can use to build a wide variety of applications. Among the numerous languages, one that has become quite popular due to its versatile nature is C#. This general-purpose language was created by Microsoft in 2000. The focus of this language is to allow developers to code various apps and… Read More »

Best Java Testing Tools to Use

Java is one of the most popular programming languages that allow you to create a wide variety of web apps ranging from fairly basic to highly feature-rich applications, however, Java apps come with certain risks. The applications developed with Java can manage heavy loads without compromising functionality or performance. In general, the most significant reason behind the stability… Read More »

Features of C#

C# is a modern programming language derived from the concepts of C++ and Java that is widely used for web, mobile, and desktop application development. The success of C# stems from its numerous features that aid in the development of safe, scalable, and large-scale applications. Garbage collection, automated memory management, multithreading, scalability and many more features are included.… Read More »

How To Make a Game With Python

Python is one of the simplest and straightforward programming languages, that make it easy for the developer to put logic simply, without worrying about the complex syntax of the programing language. And what could be more logical than writing the code for a game in a programming language? When it comes to development with Python, rather than building… Read More »

Enumerate In Python

In Python when we loop over a list or array we generally use the for loop iterator and iterate over the list’s elements one by one. But many times, we come across the logic where we want the list elements and their index counter value. In that case, we can either use the range function with list length… Read More »

A Guide to Flatten List & List of Lists in Python

Python List is one of the widely used Python data containers. The list can store multiple data objects. It can store any type of Python data object including itself. A list containing a list is known as a multi-dimensional list, it could be 2D, 3d, or multi-d. Often in Python interviews, the developer asks to flatten a Python… Read More »

Write a Program to Addition, subtraction and multiplication of two numbers using function

In this programming tutorial, you will learn how to write a program in three different programming languages to do Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of two numbers using function. Functions are supported in every programming language, and they make it to write reusable code and make the complete program more modular. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of two numbers using… Read More »