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React vs React Native: Key Difference, Advantages Detailed Comparison

React and React Native are powerful technologies that serve as the backbone for many websites and mobile applications. Earlier, Facebook users could not view News Feeds and access chats at a time. To overcome this issue, Facebook introduced React, which is also known as ReactJS. ReactJS is a JavaScript library that allows developers to create interactive user interfaces.… Read More »

React vs Vue – A Detailed Comparison

JavaScript offers a plethora of frameworks and libraries that help web developers to create intuitive and feature-rich web apps. However, as the options are too many, several developers and companies often struggle to find the right JavaScript framework or library for their projects. Nonetheless, React and Vue are among the two most popular frameworks and libraries that many… Read More »

50 Top Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring is a lightweight open-source framework for developing applications using the Java programming language. Also, we can say that Spring is a framework of frameworks since it supports various other frameworks, such as Hibernate, Struts, JSF, etc. Spring is known for its Inversion of Control (IoC) container. This container enables developers to manage and configure Java objects using… Read More »

Basic Python Exercise for Beginners

Learning the basic syntax of Python is not enough, it is effortless to learn the syntax of any programming language. Syntax and statements are just some plain English words. The only way to hone your Python skill is by practicing the exercise problems. If you have learned the basics of Python, such as keywords, operators, conditional statements, loops,… Read More »

50 Top JSP Interview Questions and Answers

JSP stands for JavaServer Pages or Jakarta Server Pages. It is a server-side technology used for creating dynamic web content. In other words, JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that enables developers to create dynamic and platform-independent web pages for Java web applications. Sun Microsystems released JSP in 1999, and it is analogous to Active Server Pages (ASP)… Read More »

Best Angular IDE and Code Editors to Use in 2022

Angular is an open-source JavaScript-based framework used widely for building robust web and mobile applications. It is developed using the TypeScript programming language and led by the Angular Team at Google. It is the same rewrite from the Angular Team of Google who developed AngularJS.  Additionally, Angular is one of the components of the MEAN stack, where MEAN… Read More »