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Write a Program to Addition, subtraction and multiplication of two numbers using function

In this programming tutorial, you will learn how to write a program in three different programming languages to do Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of two numbers using function. Functions are supported in every programming language, and they make it to write reusable code and make the complete program more modular. Addition, subtraction, and multiplication of two numbers using… Read More »

Error: Id returned 1 exit status (undefined reference to ‘main’)

“Error: Id returned 1 exit status (undefined reference to ‘main’)” is a very common C and C++ linker Error. Just by looking at the statement, we can tell that there is an error in the main function. main() function Every C++ and C program contain a mandatory inbuilt function called main(). The compiler starts the execution from the main… Read More »

Features of C

Through this article, you will get detailed information about Features of C. Time and again, C language has shown its importance, but have you ever wondered that even with the onset of many high-level programming languages like Python and Java, why is C still in the market and thriving like a modern language? Have you wondered what makes… Read More »

Best C Courses

C has been the most popular programming language for ages. It has been the first choice of programmers for a long time. C is a multi-purpose programming language that can be used for a variety of purposes; from scripting kernels to writing code for full-fledged software. Despite its age, C is very high in demand in the industrial… Read More »

Best C Certifications in 2021

C is probably the most seasoned language that can’t be supplanted by some other language, as it is the foundation of each machine. In this era of computers and technology, where languages like Ruby, Swift, JavaScript, and Python are ruling the market, you ought not to stress over how pertinent the C programming language is. No matter how… Read More »

What is C?

C is a powerful high-level general-purpose programming language, it the most suggested programming language for the beginners. Speed is the main asset of C and it is portable too program written in one’s computer can be run on others.

C Data Types

C is one of the famous programming languages among programmer community because it is a building block of many high-level programming languages. With a diminishing future, C is about to become a part of programming history, yet beginners suggested to start their programming journey with C because its data type and structure helps to understand the basics of… Read More »

Storage Classes in C

When we declare a variable in C with its declaration, we can tell some of its properties such as variable name, variable data type, and variable size in the memory. Apart from these three properties variable also possess some other properties such as variable Default Value, Variable Storage, Variable Scope and variable life. With simile variable declaration we… Read More »

Call by Value vs Call by Reference

In every high-level programming language, there is support for user-defined functions, and functions are used to perform a specific task. The function provides modularity to the program and increases the concept of reusability of code, instead of witting similar code, again and again, we can define a function that can perform that task and just invoke that function… Read More »