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C++ Multithreading

Threading generally represents a part of the process which is at running state, in C++ we get the feature of multi-threading which allows us to perform multitasking which means we can run two or more than two programs concurrently. There are two types of Multi-tasking: Process-based Multi-tasking Thread-based Multi-tasking Process-Based Multitasking The process-based multitasking concerned with the complete… Read More »

C++ Standard Library

What is the Library? A library is a collection of pre-written code that we can import in our own program to increase the functionality. Generally, libraries are used so we do not have to write the complete code from the scratch, in C++ we use the header file to import the corresponding library in our program. For instance… Read More »

C++ Storage Classes

In this tutorial, we will discuss what is a storage class in C++ and how many types of Storage classes we have in C++. Storage Classes Storage classes are some predefined keywords we use in C++ they used as a prefix to the data type, and the storage class defines 3 basic properties of the variable such as… Read More »

C++ Constants/Literals

In this tutorial of C++, we will discuss C++ constants or literals. Here we have provided a brief definition of literals with appropriate examples. C++ Constants/Literals In C++ the term constants and laterals referred to the fixed values, which may not be changed throughout the program. In C++ we interchangeably use the term Constants and Literals. On the… Read More »

C++ Modifier Types

In this tutorial, we will discuss the various C++ Data Types Modifiers and we will also discuss what is the use of these modifiers. Data type modifier declaration syntax <data type modifier> <data type> <variable>; Example long int a; These modifiers used as a prefix to the data types, and modify the data type properties, for example, the… Read More »

C++ Variable Scope

In this C++ tutorial, we will discuss the Variable Scope. We will also discuss the various type of variable scope used in C++, using the appropriate examples. Variable Scope The scope of a variable defines the visibility area of that variable in the program. In C++ we can have different make different functions where the main() function has… Read More »

Interfaces in C++ (Abstract Classes)

In C++ we defined interface as an un-committing implementation of a class, and in C++ to implement the interface we use the abstract class. Do not mistake the abstract class with Data Abstraction, both are different concepts. In C++ when a class inherits the properties of another class is known as inheritance and it is one of the… Read More »

Data Encapsulation in C++

Encapsulation is one of the properties of Object-Oriented Programming, and as its name suggests, it deals with wrapping up data and information within a single entity. In C++ OOP’s concept, we have a class data structure which is a perfect example for the implementation of the Encapsulation concept. Encapsulation is defined as when we grouped all the data… Read More »