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NodeJS vs AngularJS: Difference You Should Check in 2022

With the increasing usage of the Internet and mobile devices, there is a great demand for robust applications. Such an immense demand for applications gave rise to the development of frameworks and tools for creating them. A plethora of frameworks, tools, environments, and libraries are available to help developers build interactive websites and applications. Node.js and AngularJS are… Read More »

NodeJS vs Python: Choose the Best Backend Language

Generally, programmers make a pick of backend technology for building web applications depending on their knowledge and expertise in that particular technology. Moreover, they need to consider the nature of the project while choosing a backend technology. The two popularly used backend technologies for web development are Node.js and Python. Python is a popularly used backend language, whereas… Read More »

Top 50 Node.js Interview Questions and Answers

Node.js is a cross-platform server-side JavaScript runtime environment that facilitates back-end web development with JavaScript. It is lightweight and is quite efficient for developing data-intensive applications. Node.js is quite similar to Ruby’s EventMachine and Python’s Twisted, but Node.js is more capable. It has an event-driven architecture that supports asynchronous I/O operations, which makes it capable of handling multiple… Read More »