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R for Data Science

What is R? R is a programming language much suited for statistical computing and graphics. R is free and used by data scientists all over the world for data analysis and mining. R is a popular GNU package, written mostly in C, Fortran, and R itself. Since R is an interpreted language, you can use R using CLI… Read More »

Why Learn Data Science with R Programming?

In the world of Data Science, R is one of the most popular programming languages. In today’s world, when data is all you need, Data Science is at its peak. People are lenient in sharing their confidential data, even their unique identification number or bank account numbers. Data Science is all about extracting useful insights from the raw… Read More »

R vs Python: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the best programming languages for data science, we have two top contenders that are fighting head to head ‘Python’ and ‘R’. Both are open-source programming languages and serve the cause of data science and data analytical models. While R could be a new programming language for many computer science students, Python is a widely-known… Read More »