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WHERE is one of the major clauses of SQL and it is used to specify the conditions while retrieving the data from the single or multiple tables. The WHERE clause act like an IF statement of high-level programming languages and this often use when we want to access a specific data range or data from the tables. The… Read More »


In SQL when we want to see the data then we use the SQL SELECT command, the SELECT command work along with the FROM command and it fetch the data from the tables and return data in tabular form. SELECT-Syntax SELECT column_name_1, column_name_2, column_name_N FROM table_name;  Example For instance, we have a Students table: +——+——–+——+——–+——-+ | id   |… Read More »


After creating and selecting a database using CREATE and USE commands now we can create a table inside that database, and keep remember we can create more than one table in a single database. What is a Table in the Database? A table is a collection of rows and columns which form cells like structure and the data… Read More »

SQL – Operators

In SQL we have various operators to perform operations on data, and an operator can be represented by a special symbol or by a reserved character. Operators always used along with the SQL statements and they come very handy to perform reading and writing operations. The operators in SQL are divided into 3 major categories: Arithmetic operators Comparison… Read More »

SQL Expression

When we use two or more than two combinations of values, operators and SQL functions, then it is considered as an expression. We write an expression as a statement or query which act as a formula to show some output. We often use various expressions to query a database. Expression Syntax SELECT column_name_1, column_name_2, column_name_N FROM table_name WHERE… Read More »