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SQL Syntax

Every SQL RDBMS follow a similar set of rules and syntax which are known as queries and statements. While writing the queries in SQL we have to take care of syntax, if we write a query with invalid syntax then the SQL throw some errors. Every SQL query or statement starts with a command like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE,… Read More »

SQL – RDBMS Databases

As we know that RDBMS’s are the software, used to create and modify Databases, and there are various RDBMS’s which can perform similar functions. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular RDBMS. What is MySQL? MySQL is one of the most popular Open-Source Relational Database Management System, it is named after its cofounder daughters “My” and… Read More »

SQL – RDBMS Concepts

What is Relational Database? A Database is a collection of Data, and in Computer science, there are various types of Database and they are categories how each database store and organize data. A Relational Database use tables to store data in rows and columns, it is known as Relational Database because each data which reside in the table… Read More »

SQL Tutorial

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and it is a standard language that is used to create Database. It’s always been a debate that sometimes SQL also defined as a programming language for Relational Database, but SQL is a Query language that is used to create a Relational Database. Apart from creating a Database we can also retrieve… Read More »

SQL Full Form

SQL Full Form: Structured Query Language SQL full form is Structured Query Language. It is a Query Language that is used to create, modify and retrieve data from Database. SQL normally pronounced as “see-qwell”. Generally, Relational Database uses SQL programming for creating and modifying the database. It comes very useful to handle structured data, in structured data, we… Read More »

SQL Cheat Sheet

A database is a collection of data In the database, we collect data in an organized way. Database that store data in tables known as Relational DataBase. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is used to create, update, retrieve and delete a database.

SQL Commands

SQL is a very powerful and easy to use Database Management System, which helps the developer to create and manage Database. There are many commands present in SQL, these commands usually termed as queries. In tech-related interviews, you might face the direct questions related to SQL, or they can ask you to write a query to perform an… Read More »