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How to create Logs in Python?

Logfile comes in very handy when we want to track all the events performed by our application. Using the log file we come to know everything about the program history, bugs, warnings, and errors if there are some. Although we can use simple print() statements in our Program to display the flow of the program, but when it… Read More »

How to Make Port Scanner in Python?

Port Scanner is a tool that comes in very handy when we want to check all the open and close Ports on a system, router, server, or computer. Using the Port scanner we can look out for the opened ports that can be a threat to the system from some malicious attackers. In this Python tutorial, you will… Read More »

How to Make a Process Monitor in Python?

Every operating system comes with a Task Manager or System Monitor where you can see your running applications, their CPU, Memory Usage, and Status. From there only you can kill any process or application that taking too much CPU resources. Although you can easily open your Task Manager or System Monitor to monitor all processes, but it would… Read More »

How to Download Files in Python?

Generally, we use the web browser to download a file from the internet. The downloading of a file is similar to accessing a web-page from the server. We sent the get request to the file url address and in response, we get the file data. In this Python tutorial, I will walk you through the Python program to… Read More »

How to Extract Wikipedia Data in Python?

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia, it contains millions of articles on different topics, you name it Wikipedia provide you the public data about it. We have used Wikipedia to build school projects, and write assignments. All thanks to is free online articles we can read and learn about anything for free. As Wikipedia contains millions of… Read More »

How to Convert HTML Tables into CSV Files in Python?

HTML is the standard language to create web-pages, it generally used to structure the text, images, and video data on the web-page. HTML can represent the Text data in various formats such as links, normal text, tables, lists, etc. Let’s say you have an HTML or you want to grab the HTML web-page from the Internet and wish… Read More »