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Basic Python Exercise for Beginners

Learning the basic syntax of Python is not enough, it is effortless to learn the syntax of any programming language. Syntax and statements are just some plain English words. The only way to hone your Python skill is by practicing the exercise problems. If you have learned the basics of Python, such as keywords, operators, conditional statements, loops,… Read More »

NodeJS vs Python: Choose the Best Backend Language

Generally, programmers make a pick of backend technology for building web applications depending on their knowledge and expertise in that particular technology. Moreover, they need to consider the nature of the project while choosing a backend technology. The two popularly used backend technologies for web development are Node.js and Python. Python is a popularly used backend language, whereas… Read More »

C# vs Python – Which One is the Better Choice?

Python and C# both are high-level, object-oriented programming languages. They are easy to learn and code and offer fast development and excellent performance. Python is widely used for web development, software development, data analysis, data visualization, and task automation. On the other hand, C# is a popular choice for building web applications, desktop applications, and web services. In… Read More »

Python vs Java: Which is Better?

Python and Java are among the most popular and chart-topping programming languages. Both are battling to be in the top position, with Python making constant improvements in the past few years while Java continues to maintain its position. With Java, we can build various types of applications, such as desktop applications, network applications, web applications, Android applications, games,… Read More »

Nested Loops in Python

In Python, if we define a loop inside the loop, that loop will be called the nested loop. In this Python tutorial, we will learn how to define nested loops in Python and how the loop control statements work with nested loops. So let’s get started. What are nested loop in Python? In Python, to create loops, we… Read More »