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10 Top Web Services Testing Tools in 2021

Web services have made information availability across platforms easy and convenient for mass audiences. While many developers feel comfortable developing and designing a web service platform, debugging those web services is a different ball game altogether and needs serious attention. Thanks to technological advancements, today we have several automation tools that can test and debug web services quickly… Read More »

10 Best Email Testing Tools For Better Email Marketing

When it comes to business traction, emails play a pivotal role. These help to send alerts to customers and share upcoming offers, newsletters, regular updates, and a lot more. In short, emails act as a great way to communicate with customers. Moreover, if used appropriately, emails can be your primary marketing channel. However, what if the emails are… Read More »

10 Best SOA Testing Tools for QA Engineers For 2021

Often, software developers prefer developing applications with SOA (service-oriented architecture). This makes SOA testing a whole different domain that focuses on testing applications developed exclusively on the SOA architecture. SOA testing often involves testing application interfaces without GUI, such as web services, ESB’s, and process models. SOA testing involves various risks and complexities and thus you need to… Read More »

15 Best Unit Testing Tools to Use in 2021

Unit testing is a significant part of the quality assurance process for software products. Often, software developers and testers rely on unit testing for finding bugs or anomalies in the source code of the software. Usually, the lengthy codes of software make it difficult for developers and testers to look for the error. And that’s where Unit testing… Read More »

17 Best Bug Tracking Tools for Enhanced Software Testing

Bug testing is the backbone of software quality assurance. No matter how many checkpoints are being employed in the software development cycle, software products are bound to have bugs or anomalies. Developers deal with them using bug tracking software. Bugs can be in the source code, integrations, framework, implementation, database connections, and whatnot! Therefore, to assure the complete… Read More »

14 Best Network Testing Tools to Improve your Network Security

Software products are complex and are equipped with multiple branches and internal API connections. As the complexity of the application increases, the need to make it free of redundancy and anomalies become evident. In such a scenario, identifying and handling multi-faceted network errors requires robust, specific network testing tools that provide extensive statistical data that aids in having… Read More »

Best API Testing Tools

API is crucial for the proper integrations, functionality, and performance of a software product. A glitch in the API integration and security can cost software a lot of functionality, performance, and stability issues. To avoid these errors, programmers and developers run rounds and rounds of testing for API. API testing is a type of software testing where the… Read More »

Best Macintosh Software

Today’s digital epoch has witnessed the increasing usage of electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, computers, video game consoles, etc. But these gadgets are of no use without operating systems. An operating system is the most powerful software program that helps smartphones, laptops, and computers run and execute various other application programs. An operating system or OS is… Read More »

Best Performance Testing Tools

The stability of software products and their compatibility with users is decided based on the software’s performance. A well-designed software delivering optimum performance on all parameters will get the limelight. As software development is done on different systems than those that are meant to run the software, the software’s performance in these devices can be misunderstood. In such… Read More »