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What is Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)? 

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) refers to a sequence of various activities conducted during the process of software testing. In the STLC method, every activity is done through a planned and well-organized process. Every stage has various purposes and deliverables. Many organizations have various phases in STLC, but the principle remains equal. So let’s discuss the characteristics of… Read More »

What is Automation Testing? (Beginner Guide To Start Automation Test)

Automation Testing refers to the use of various automation tools for executing any test case. It is opposite to the manual testing, which is performed by a worker and executes the test steps carefully. Automation software also requires test data in the system in a test then compares the expected data with actual data and creates detailed test… Read More »

Types of Software Testing

As a tester, there are various types of issues regarding software testing, so it is essential to have different types of software testing i.e., Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Agile Testing, etc. In this article, we discuss all types of software testing in brief because every testing consists of features, pros, and cons. Types of Software Testing… Read More »

What is White Box Testing?

What is White Box Testing? This software testing is used for testing the internal structure, coding and design of the software. The primary focus of White Box Testing is to verify input and output flow through the application so that developers can improve usability, design and strengthen security. Therefore all codes are visible to a tester in this… Read More »

10 Best Penetration Testing Tools

Are you into cybersecurity verification? If yes, you definitely have come across the term “Penetration Testing Tools/Pen Testing” at least once in your entire career. Pentesting involves scanning and checking different networks, servers, as well as websites for network vulnerabilities. The whole process is performed to identify the fatal weak points and work on making a system more… Read More »