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After creating and selecting a database using CREATE and USE commands now we can create a table inside that database, and keep remember we can create more than one table in a single database. What is a Table in the Database? A table is a collection of rows and columns which form cells like structure and the data… Read More »

SQL – Operators

In SQL we have various operators to perform operations on data, and an operator can be represented by a special symbol or by a reserved character. Operators always used along with the SQL statements and they come very handy to perform reading and writing operations. The operators in SQL are divided into 3 major categories: Arithmetic operators Comparison… Read More »

SQL Expression

When we use two or more than two combinations of values, operators and SQL functions, then it is considered as an expression. We write an expression as a statement or query which act as a formula to show some output. We often use various expressions to query a database. Expression Syntax SELECT column_name_1, column_name_2, column_name_N FROM table_name WHERE… Read More »

SQL Syntax

Every SQL RDBMS follow a similar set of rules and syntax which are known as queries and statements. While writing the queries in SQL we have to take care of syntax, if we write a query with invalid syntax then the SQL throw some errors. Every SQL query or statement starts with a command like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE,… Read More »