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What is jQuery?

jQuery is a quick, tiny, feature-rich, and cross-platform JavaScript library. It is created to ease the client-side scripting of HTML. It operates in very secure browsers by straightforward APIs like HTML document manipulation and traversal, event handling, animation, and Ajax. The primary purpose of jQuery is to make JavaScript interactive as well as attractive on the website. jQuery… Read More »

PHP – Coding Standards

In any programming language, it is important that we follow a particular standard or protocol. This allows different developers or coders to remain on the same page as their peer developers. It makes the code understandable and manageable. There are many reasons that influence developers to stick to these standards. Following the same coding standard allows your team… Read More »

PHP – File Uploading

You can upload a file to the server by using a PHP script with HTML forms. Before uploading the file to the original destination it gets uploaded to a temporary directory by a PHP script. The temporary directory information is mentioned in the phpinfo.php page which is specified as upload_tmp_dir. You can mention the maximum size for the… Read More »

PHP – Sessions

PHP sessions allow you to access data among different pages of an entire website. A temporary file has been created by the session that is stored at the server along with its data and the session variables and the information will be then available to all pages. You can decide where to store this session file by setting… Read More »

Python Data Types

In this tutorial, we will discuss all Data Types used in Python. Python Data Types Python is a pure object-oriented programming language, which means that it is made up of Class and Objects, that you will learn later on this tutorial. For now, just to understand, it is defined as that Class is a structure of data which… Read More »