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HTML Tables

HTML provides tables to arrange and display data using rows and columns. Example Student ID Name Marks S001 Sam 980 S002 Jose 975 S003 Ben 760 S004 Sofi 950 S005 Jack 948 S006 Tonny 945 HTML <table> element To define a table we use the HTML <table> element. Inside the <table> the element we use the <tr> element… Read More »

HTML Images

Images are used on the web-pages to make the page more interactive and appealing to the user. HTML <img> Element To define an image on the web page, we use the HTML <img> element. <img> is an empty tag, so it does not have any paired-end tag. <img> has a mandatory attribute src which stands for source and… Read More »

HTML Links

Links are the clickable text that can lead you to a specific point on the same page or another page. Hyperlinks HTML links are also known as hyper or anchor link. Links are generally used to jump to a specific point on the same or another page. When you hover the move over the link the mouse icon… Read More »


CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet, and it is a style sheet language that used for styling and colouring the HTML document. Using CSS, we can control the layout of the web-page, we can change the default colour, font, size, background, and many other properties of the web page. What is CSS? The main job of… Read More »

HTML Color

To colour a specific HTML element content, we need to use the style attribute. The style attribute can colour the content, its background and even its border with the help of CSS properties and values. We can use different formats such as RGB code, HEX, HSL, RGBA, HSLA for property values. Colour Names For straightforward properties, we generally… Read More »

HTML Comments

An HTML comment is used to provide additional information about the HTML code, and the browser does not display the comment on the interface window. HTML comment tag Like other HTML tags, we have a particular tag to write comments. The only purpose of the comments is to provide the information about the code, so if another developer… Read More »

HTML Form input Attribute

In this article, we have mentioned all the important attributes associate with both <form> and <input> elements. Generally, the form attributes deal with the <input> element data types and their submission action. It is very important to know all the forms attributes because we need to mention some specific attribute for specific input types. Form Attribute <input form=””>… Read More »

HTML Multimedia

Using HTML elements, we can display various multimedia formats on the web page, which includes sound, music, video and animations. Multimedia Multimedia represent almost everything that we hear and see, such as images, music, videos, films, movies, animations and all other things. In HTML5 apart from <img> element for images we have specific elements for individual multimedia format.… Read More »