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Top Sources to Learn Web Development Online

Every day billions of people assess millions of websites: social media, online stores, educational platforms, personal blogs, and much more. Most of these websites are written by web developers, making this occupation one of the most popular and demanded on the modern market. Their average salary is $60,433 and can significantly increase along with advanced skill sets and… Read More »

10 Best Web Development IDE to Use in 2022

IDE stands for the integrated development environment, and it is an application that combines multiple development tools. IDEs are extensively used in web development since they make it easier for developers to write, run, and debug web applications and websites. Also, an IDE allows web developers to handle large codebases and ensure fast development and deployment of projects.… Read More »

10 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners

Here are the 10 best web development courses for beginners you must try in 2022! As every business needs a website nowadays, the requirement for website developers has increased massively. Knowing how to build websites enables individuals to find high-paying jobs or freelancing projects. Learning the same has become increasingly simple nowadays since it can be done online.… Read More »

50 Best Front End Interview Questions and Answers

Any web development job interview consists of both backend and front-end interview questions. Although the role of front-end developers is always underplayed, they play a crucial role in web development. It’s the job of the front-end developer to build a user interface that facilitates the visitor-website (or web app) interaction. Earlier front-end development was just about HTML, CSS,… Read More »

10 Best Web Development Frameworks to Use in 2022

Are you done with basic programming in Python? Or PHP/JavaScript/Java, or any other programming language? And now want to update your skills in 2022 to start/advance a career in web development? Learn web frameworks to boost your career as a web developer. Choose among the popular web development frameworks from below and start your journey. Mostly all tech… Read More »