Computer Full Form

By | October 5, 2021
Computer Full Form

The computer is not an abbreviated word but it is a derived word from another word. The computer is derived from the word compute which in simple terms stands for calculation. The computer is an electronic device. Thereby it is said that a computer is a device that functions on electricity to make calculations at fast speed.

Computer Full Form

There is a popular myth among people concerning the full form of computer is that its full form is commonly operated machine purposely used for technology and educational research. This, however, is the wrong information. There is no such full form and it doesn’t make any sense. It is a well-acknowledged fact that computers were initially built for the purpose of calculations and they were so huge that they occupied a lot of space.

The computer is an electronic device used for basic purposes like solving calculations. It has some kind of memory. The computer works with the help of a central processing unit known as CPU.

ALU: For performing all the calculations and logical functions an arithmetic logical unit (ALU) is used

CU: In order to change a particular order in which operation function to respond to a particular pre-stored information control unit ( CU) is used.

On the basis of technology computers are of the following categories:

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Computers are also categorized on the basis of generation as follows:

  • 1st generation: The time period of 1940-1956 consists of computers working on vacuum tubes.
  • 2nd generation: The time between 1956-1963 had computers that were themed on transistors.
  • 3rd generation: The time that lies between 1964- 1971 was of the computers that were working on transition circuits.
  • 4th generation: The time of 1971- today consists of computers that work on the microprocessor.
  • 5th generation: The future generations will consist of computers that work on AI i.e. artificial intelligence

There are different designs and patterns of computers available in markets such as palm computers, laptops, desktop, and supercomputers.

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