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CSS is one of the 3 pillars of front-end development that fills colours in HTML. CSS is the acronym of Cascading Style Sheet. CSS deal with all the visualization effect on the web pages whether its web page background colour or the text styling and colouring all is done with the help of CSS. It helps developers to present their creativity on web pages so the user can cherish it. Since the CSS introduces to the developer community it came up with only 2 new updates CSS2 and CSS3 where CSS3 is the newest version of CSS and CSS2 was introduced 20 years ago. so here we discuss CSS vs CSS3.


Here in this article, we will compare the CSS and CSS3 but before that let’s introduce both.


What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which is used to style different web pages which includes design, layout, and variations in the display. It is developed by W3C World Wide Web Consortium so it could solve the problem with the HTML individual line styling. When individual styling attributes introduced in HTML 3.2 to help style HTML but there was a problem, developers have to use style attribute at every single tag, so to overcome this CSS played an important role.

What is CSS3?

CSS3 is the latest version of Cascading Style Sheet, now whatever you code on CSS count as CSS3. It come up with new features like rounded corner shadows, gradients, transition, and animations, it has even properties like JavaScript. Mobile Development is the main concern of CSS3 and it works on the responsive design that reduces the problem caused by the Adobe-Flash incompatibility on the different devices.

CSS Vs CSS3: Head to Head Comparison



It is a standard language which is used to design the web. It is the newest version of CSS.

Responsive Designing

CSS does not follow the responsive Designing In responsive designing, the web page of the website adjusts the page size and components according to the size of the devices and CSS3 provides this feature.
CSS designed webpages are not that much mobile phone friendly CSS is more mobile-friendly

Modular based code

CSS does not follow the module-based code it uses its all specification directly. CSS3 use all the old specifications of CSS but all the specifications are divided into different modules that how CSS3 approach the module coding.

Rounded Borders

CSS did not have this feature CSS3 has this feature

Bordered Images, text shadows

CSS did not have these features CSS3 comes with these features

Multiple Background

CSS has to use the third party for the Multiple Background CSS3 comes with the built-in Multiple background feature.

Fast page load

The loading speed of CSS designed web pages was decent With the introduction of CSS3 in web pages, it helps to load pages very fast as compared to CSS.


CSS use JavaScript or Flash code for the animations. CSS3 comes with the built-in features like 2D and 3D transformation, which provides animation and transition effects, and for that developer does not need to add JavaScript code.

Colors and Images effects

CSS has many colors and images effect features. CSS3 contains all the CSS effect and also have some new colors and images effects.


CSS3 is the present and a short future of CSS, now whoever say they are using CSS actually they are working on CSS3. Its been quite a while since CSS3 has been released and developers are using its new features on large scale. W3C the creator of CSS now working on the new updates of CSS3 and maybe we will witness CSS4 in coming years.

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