Java vs JavaScript: Difference Which You Need to Know

By | September 29, 2021
Java Vs JavaScript

Java vs JavaScript sound similar but don’t be trapped by their name similarity they are two different programming languages and not related to each other in any aspect. if you have ever used Symbian mobiles and played games on it so, you must have seen a logo of Java. Every 90’s kid is familiar with Java and why not, from the beginning Java is one of the most popular programming languages for software development. Yet developers used Java to build desktop and many other OS software. It’s enough about Java let’s discuss JavaScript, often people confuse Java with JavaScript and think that JavaScript is something that is related to Java. So, let me tell you JavaScript is totally a different programming language that is used to create dynamic webpages, and when it comes to web-development you just can’t ignore JavaScript. It does not matter that you are a front-end developer or back end-developer you should have knowledge of JavaScript. it is very important to know the difference between Java and JavaScript.

Java vs JavaScript

What should a Beginner Choose Java or JavaScript?

Before choosing any programming language you should know why you want to learn this programming language. But if you are a complete beginner and have no idea about programming languages do not worry, we are here to help you and we will make it easy for you to choose between Java and JavaScript.


Why Java?


If you are naive to the programming language and you are thinking of choosing Java as your first programming language, I will say it’s not a rational decision Java is a very complicated programming language if you want to learn java, I suggest you first learn a C++ Programming language then move to Java.

The more you get into Java the more it gets complicated it’s hard to say that you can learn complete Java in 5 to 6 months. Though Java is a very powerful programming language and can land you on a high-paid job, it takes time and effort to learn java.

Applications of Java:

  • Desktop Application
  • GUI Software
  • Android application
  • Scientific Application
  • Web Applications

Why JavaScript?

JAVAScript Logo

The question should be why not JavaScript? It is easy to learn and very satisfactory to implement. Beginners do not need any experience in programming to learn JavaScript. So, if you are a complete beginner you can go with JavaScript and give a direction to your career with it.

JavaScript Applications

  • Dynamic web pages
  • GUI Games

What is Java?

Java Programming Languages

Java is a Pure object-oriented, high-level programming language which is basically used for building software for different Operating system. Java runs on JVM (Java Virtual machine) which makes it platform-independent. Java works on the principle “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. Java was designed by James Gosling in May 1995.

What is JavaScript?


JavaScript is a high-level programming language or you can say that it is a scripting language. Like Java, it supports an Object-oriented programming style. JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich back on 4th December 1995 since then JavaScript is the sole of the webpages almost every webpage uses JavaScript for the front end along with HTML and CSS. Unlike Java, JavaScript does not need any additional environments to run and execute its code you can simply run your JavaScript code on your web browser almost every web browser support JavaScript.

What is the difference between java and javascript? (Java vs JavaScript)

Parameters Java JavaScript
Language Type High-Level programming language High-Level scripting language.
Developed By Sun Microsystem, which was later on, own by Oracle Netscape in 4th Dec 1995
Code Execution Java needs a compiler to execute its code It does not need a compiler to execute its code
Platform Java code runs on JVM (Java Virtual machine) which makes it platform-independent JavaScript code can be run on a web browser directly
Web-Development Java mostly used for Back-end web development JavaScript mostly used for Front end
Process Java supports multithreading. Multi-threading is a special feature that allows the code to execute in two or more parts for the CPU does not get much load JavaScript does not support multi-threading
Language translator In Java, the code first compiled and then interpreted JavaScript is an interpreted programming language
Scope It has a block-based Scope It has the function-based scope and object-based context
Security Java provides you code security, the user cannot see your code In JavaScript, there is no security anyone can see your code.
File Extension .java .js
Used for Software development Web front-end development


Both the languages belong to different fields but there is some interstation in web development. Now you know that how Java and JavaScript are different from each other both the programming languages have their pro and cons and both are used for different purposes. If you ask me what programming language should I learn, I will say JavaScript, it is easy to learn and you will find it very interesting when you write your own JavaScript code on the other hand Java is very hard to learn but it worth it. Both languages are very old and have a vast community across the world who are ready to help you if you stuck with any problem.

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