Java vs Python

By | May 16, 2020
Java vs Python

Coding has become one of those basic skills that every computer science student should have. There are lots of programming languages available there, by using them you can code and improve your coding skills. But when it’s come to the professional programming language only two languages appear in the list, one is Java and other is Python. Java is an old big player of the programming language but Python has famous in the past few years. Both the languages shear a lot of the same properties and also have many key differences.

Best Language for the Beginners Python or Java?

Most of the time beginners have a huge confusion that which programming language they should choose Python or Java so that they can imagine their bright career from it. If you will compare the real-time scenario, then both the languages are doing great in their specific field. Python is also an old language like Java but in past few years due to the increase in AI technologies, it hyped the use of python. It’s not like that Java cannot do all those things what Python can do, even Java can do more than what Python can. Due to the simplicity and easy syntax of Python; Python is giving a hard fight to Java.


If you are totally new to the Programming language and have no experience with coding and you are thinking to choose Java as your first programming language then it will be a stupid idea of yours. Java is a pure object-oriented programming language and if you do not have any idea about the programming language you won’t be able to understand the complex structure of Java.

If you have some experience with a programming language such as C or C++ then you can choose Java as your 2nd Programming language.

If we talk about Python so there should be no hesitation to choose Python as your first language. Python also follows all the concept of Java but it also follows the Procedural system, like C and C++. So it’s cool to choose Python as your first language. But when you try to move from Python to other languages like Java and C++ or PHP. You will find hard to understand the syntax.

Java is not the best language for the beginner but you can choose it as your 2nd Programming language, and if you want to choose Python as your first programming language, you are free to opt it.

Java vs Python: Head to Head Comparison

Java Python
Java is a pure Object Oriented programming language. Python is not a pure Object-oriented programming language.
It is a compiler language. The compiler language means first all the code of the program compile and then execute. If there is an error in the program, it will not execute. Python is an interpreter language.
It is a statically typed language. It means you need to define the data type of every variable when you declare it. It is a dynamic type language.In python, you do not need to define the data type of variable.
Every time you make a programme you need to make a class. To make a class you have to write a lot of code. Even to print hello world you need to write a lot of code as compare to Python In python, you do not need to type a lot of code.
Java uses semicolons and Braces and when you miss even a single brace or semicolon it will lead to error which makes coding complex in Java. Python does not use braces or semicolon to terminate the statement it uses indentation which makes it easier to read.
When it comes to speed here Java beats Python. Java is faster than python Python is slower than Java
It is portable its mean that programme writes on one system can work on other. Python is portable too
The database access of the Java is very strong The database access in python is weaker than Java
The syntax of Java become very complicated when you code on it The syntax of python is very easy to understand
Java is a very hard language to learn Python is quite easier to learn as compared to Java
Java has a large community Python also has a large community out there


Python is one of the rapidly growing programming languages. Yet it is under-hyped but the future of python is looking very bright. Developers are moving to python for the completion of their project and the community of python is increasing day by day.

Python was established in 1989 by Guido van Rossum. In the past 2 years, the popularity of python is raised tremendously as compared to other programming languages. The simple syntax and less jargon of rules make it easier to learn and its versatile nature attracting other developers to code on it. Python is everywhere from simple desktop Application to Artificial Intelligence.

Python Advantages

  • It is easy and quick to learn.
  • It supports multiple platforms to run and a platform like Mac it comes pre-installed.
  • The syntax of the language is well organized and easy to read.
  • It is a dynamic language so you do not need to define the variable datatype.
  • It has a large community
  • Support the OOP’s concept
  • It has a large number of Libraries.

Python Disadvantage

  • Python does not do multi-core and multi-processor well.
  • There is a limitation to access the Database.
  • It is slow as compared to other languages such as JAVA.


Java is one of the most favourite programming languages among developers. It is a high-level Object-oriented programming language. Java was designed by James Gosling and released on 23 May 1995. It follows the Static Typing Discipline i.e. for every variable you declare in java you also need to define its data type. It’s an open-source programming language so anybody can download it for free and learn it. Java provides a well-organized Java documentation on their official website.

Advantage of Java

  • In Java, it is easy to write and compile the code.
  • You can learn Java in a short period of time as compared to C++ or C#
  • It follows the concept of OOP’s. which give it more flexibility
  • In Java, the Database accessibility is very good as compare to other languages such as C++ or Python
  • It is an Open source, you can Download java and use it for free
  • It has a large and experienced community over the world.
  • It supports a large number of Open-source libraries which give you auxiliary support to write the code.
  • It is platform-independent it means that programme written in one system can be easily moved to another system and can run there too.
  • It is one of the most secure programming languages

Disadvantages of Java

  • The compiler property of Java is not well optimized as compared to other languages such as C++
  • It takes more memory space.
  • The syntax of Java is very complex and it is very hard to understand

Real-world Use of Java

  • It helps to develop Android applications
  • It can also create web applications
  • Many IDE such as NetBeans is written on Java

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