By | October 2, 2021

Well, PHP has support for almost every database like oracle, Sybase but developers mostly prefer MySQL database over others. Before starting with the programming we need to have some pre-requisite for the database part.

  • You should have downloaded the compatible version of MySQL for your PHP.
  • Create a database that will store your PHP data and connect with it. You can use the user as ‘guest’ and password as ‘guest123’ or you can change it accordingly.
  • If you have nor created the database yet then you might need the root user and the password for database creation.

Though, this part is vast and cannot be accumulated in a single document we have divided its working and concepts on the below basis-

  • Connection to the MySQL database
  • Creating a database using PHP
  • Deleting the database using PHP
  • Inserting the data to the database
  • Retrieving the data from the database
  • Using paging via PHP
  • Updating data within the database using PHP
  • Deleting data from within the database using PHP
  • Backing up the database using PHP

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