Python Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Using Recursion

By | October 3, 2021
Python Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Using Recursion

Here in this article, we have provided a python source code that use the recursion function to convert the user entered Decimal number to the equivalent Binary Number.

Prerequisite topics to create this program.

  • Python Input, Output
  • Python User-Defined Function
  • Python Recursion
  • Python if…else statements


  • Ask the user to enter a decimal number.
  • Create a recursive function in which the function calls itself again and again till the base condition get satisfied.
  • In recursive function first, we divide the number with 2 then again divide its quotient by 2, and again continuously divide its quotient till we get the quotient as 1.
  • At last, we reverse back all the remainders of the division process, which will give us the equivalent Binary Format.

For example, if we want to covert the 34 into a binary number.

34 / 2 =  quotient 17   remainder = 0
17/2 = quotient 8 remainder = 1
8/2 = quotient 4 remainder = 0
4/2 = quotient 2 remainder = 0
2/2 = quotient 1 remainder = 0
1/2 = quotient 1 remainder =1

Now we will write all reminders from bottom to top and this will give us the Binary number for 34.

(34)10  = (100010)2

Python Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Using Recursion


def decTobin(n):
    if n > 1:
        #this recursion will call for dectobin(n//2)
    print(n % 2,end = '')

num = int(input("Enter the Number: "))
print(num,"in Binary is:",end=" ")

Output 1:

Enter the Number: 8
8 in Binary is: 1000
Output 2
Enter the Number: 12
12 in Binary is: 1100

Output 3:

Enter the Number: 16
16 in Binary is: 10000

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