RADAR Full Form

By | October 7, 2021
RADAR Full Form

RADAR Full Form: Radio Detection and Ranging

RADAR full form is Radio Detection and Ranging. It is a device that uses radio waves to determine the range, angle, and velocity of objects. In real life there are various direct applications of RADAR devices such as it is used to detect aeroplanes, ships, spaceships, missiles, vehicles, weather information, and terrain.

RADAR use transmitter to produce electromagnetic waves, such as radio or microwave these waves transmitted through a transmitting antenna which hits the object and reflected. The waves reflected by the object received by the receiver antenna.


History of RADAR

I world war 2 militaries of several nations secretly developed the Radar system. The idea of creating such a device came from the cavity magnetron (the high-powered tube which can create microwave). In 1940 the US navy gave this system a name Radar which stands for Radio Detection And Ranging.

Application of Radar

  • The Military uses the Radar system to detect any air, ground and sea attack.
  • In Aircraft aviation, Radar is used to detect any obstacle.
  • Marie uses radar to determine the distance between ships.
  • Meteorologist uses radar for weather forecasting.
  • In space surveillance.
  • For geological observation, we use ground-penetrating radar.

Working Principle of Radar

The radar system transmits radio wave which is also known as radar signals, to specific directions. When the signal hits an object, four phenomena happen, reflection, scattering, abortion, and penetration. The reflected signals or waves read by the receiver, and the signal gets converted into a proper message. The reflected waves are not so strong, because penetration, scattering, and absorption of waves attenuate the signal strength, so we use some sophisticated methods of signal processing to recover the complete signal.

Radar Quick Summary

Full-Form RAdio Detection And Ranging
Developed During world-war 2
Use It is used to detect object distance, velocity and angle
Key development Cavity magnetron
Waves used Electromagnetic (Radio waves)

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