SQL Full Form

By | February 26, 2022
SQL Full Form

SQL Full Form: Structured Query Language

SQL full form is Structured Query Language. It is a Query Language that is used to create, modify and retrieve data from Database. SQL normally pronounced as “see-qwell”. Generally, Relational Database uses SQL programming for creating and modifying the database. It comes very useful to handle structured data, in structured data, we have the relationship between variables and entities.

Two Major Advantages of SQL over older API’s:

  • With a single command, we can access many records
  • We do not need to specify the element to get the records, which eliminate the need for indexing.

SQL is totally based on commands and it contains various types of commands. On the basis of command types, SQL is divided into 4 major categories.

  • Data Query Language
  • Data Definition Language
  • Data Control Language.
  • Data Manipulation Language.

SQL History

SQL was developed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce at IBM in the early 1970s. Early SQL was introduced as SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language), and its main purpose to manipulate and retrieve data stored in IBM’s original quasi-relational database management system.

In 1973 SEQUEL was changed to SQL because the acronym was already patented as a trademark of the UK-based Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering Limited company.

Once SQL introduced publically it gained its popularity amongst various Relational Databases management developer and in 1986 SQL become the standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1987.

SQL Advantages

  • Though it uses programming, yet we do not need code to create a database using SQL.
  • With the help of SQL queries, we can create a database very fast.
  • Highly portable.
  • It provides relational algebra function.
  • Can Join two table
  • A database can have more than one table.
  • Easy to use and learn

SQL Disadvantages

  • Platform Dependent language
  • Use commands to perform actions
  • Limited to Relational base database

SQL Summary

Full-Form Structured Query Language
Paradigm A multi-paradigm, Query language
Developed by
Introduced in 1974
File Extension .sql or .db
Operating System Cross-platform
Programming language Yes

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