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Top 50 Agile Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

The agile methodology is grabbing the eyeballs of many organizations and companies. It has become the gold standard for software development and project management in this modern world. Today, various organizations employ agile methodology to deliver value products to their customers in the shortest span possible. But what does this agile methodology actually mean? The agile methodology is… Read More »

10 Best Agile Certifications to Pursue in 2022

The software development industry is booming at a greater pace than ever before. Today, every software company aims to deliver high-quality software products and services that meet customers’ requirements in the best way possible. To accomplish this, many companies are adopting the most popular and effective approach to software development called the agile methodology. Agile is a widely… Read More »

Agile vs Waterfall: A Head to Head Comparison

The development of any software application takes a systematic approach that involves multiple steps, from planning to deployment, and that approach is called Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It ensures that the developed software meets the quality standards and operates smoothly with the least possible issues. There are various methodologies or approaches available to implement the SDLC process,… Read More »