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PHP – AJAX Search

You can include the AJAX code within the PHP code that allows you to communicate web pages and the webserver. Below example gives you an outlook on how you can use search filed with AJAX and PHP working together. Check more about PHP – AJAX Search below. PHP – AJAX Search Below code will open the file (demo_file.php)… Read More »


What is AJAX? You can unleash the great features bu using AJAX with PHP. AJAX (asynchronous javascript and XML) is a method that reduces client and server interactions by updating a part of the webpage instead of the whole page. AJAX allows the exchange of data without the page being refreshed. Javascript is a client-side language that is… Read More »

AJAX Full Form

AJAX Full Form is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Unlike what many people think it to be, AJAX is not a programming language, but it is a collection of web development practices for the front-end to create dynamic web applications. AJAX is a preferred choice of web developers as it comes with numerous advantages. It is a bundle of… Read More »