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Top Android Project Ideas

Android technology is a leading technology in the market. As such, it has been widely used in developing various applications. Android is mainly used for creating mobile phone applications that we use in our daily life. If you want to step your foot into Android development, then you need to focus on learning its concepts and implementing them… Read More »

How to make an App

licationlicatAs we know that there are millions of applications on the internet, and they are available for everything and different applications perform amazingly to help users in their work. The basic rule of marketing a product says that it is essential to go for the place where you can get customers. However, it requires a high amount of… Read More »

Android Architecture

Android is developed by Google and it is a mobile operating system, based on Linux kernel. The Android operating system is a collection of different components and these components are divided into 5 sections, and the stack which holds all these components is known as Android stack or Android Architecture. Here in this article, we will discuss the… Read More »

Android Interview Questions and Answers

These days everyone is aware of Android because it is everywhere. It has a huge market all over the globe. Google, the parent company of Android, hires developers from across the world to develop Android further. Android flaunts a seemingly infinite number of applications on the Play Store, promising a bright future for Android developers. This article discusses… Read More »