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10 Best Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners

The 21st century has witnessed the rising popularity of futuristic technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a result, many individuals wish to shape their careers in these cutting-edge technologies. Gaining the basic knowledge about the technology that you chose for your career is essential. If we talk in particular about artificial intelligence, it is one of… Read More »

10 Best Deep Learning Books for Learners of All Levels

Today’s cutting-edge technologies like deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning have a significant impact on our everyday life. These technologies have made human life more convenient than ever before, and they have a massive contribution in automating the world. Though deep learning is relatively a new technology, its popularity is rising progressively. This makes sense that graduates… Read More »

10 Best SQL Books You Need to Read in 2022

Structured Query Language (SQL) is the standard query language for relational databases. Developed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce at IBM, SQL is used to access, retrieve, manipulate, and manage records in relational databases. With databases being the backbone of many businesses and companies, learning SQL will help you pursue a successful career. Through this article,… Read More »

10 Best Java Books for Beginners and Advanced Programmers

Java is a well-known programming language across the globe, thanks to its platform-independent feature. This feature enables us to write the code once on any platform and run it on other platforms having Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. Therefore, ‘Write Once, Run Anywhere’ is the primary objective of Java. Another reason for the widespread popularity of Java is… Read More »

10 Best Graphic Design Books Worth Reading in 2022

We see graphics everywhere these days, from a small wrapper of candy to an e-commerce website promoting a business. Also, if you have noticed, most products out there feature some sort of design on their packages such as a company logo or some other design elements. Newspapers, hoardings, menu cards, Instagram advertisements, etc. are some typical examples that… Read More »

10 Best JavaScript Books for Programmers in 2022

JavaScript is the most common language that flashes through the mind when we hear the term front-end web development. It is a text-based programming language used globally to develop interactive web pages. JavaScript is often abbreviated as JS. Earlier, JavaScript was referred to as LiveScript. It is an interpreted and lightweight programming language used for developing scripts of… Read More »