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10 Best GCP Certifications to Get in 2022

As the Google Cloud Platform is evolving and setting foot in every industry, GCP certifications are also becoming increasingly popular. Today, many businesses are looking for certified cloud computing specialists that can work seamlessly with GCP.  At present, the majority of corporate behemoths rely on cloud-based technologies for obvious reasons. Also, many businesses of all sizes are shifting… Read More »

Best Python Certification to Consider in 2022

Python has become one of the most extensively used programming languages. As a result, more and more people are eager to learn this popular general-purpose programming language. For learning Python effectively, they can choose from a wide variety of courses, certifications, and specialty courses. Although numerous institutions and organizations provide Python certifications, Microsoft and the Python Institute are… Read More »

10 Most Valuable SQL Server Certifications in 2022

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is pronounced “S-Q-L” or “See-Quel” in some cases. The SQL language is the industry standard for working with relational databases. Inserting, searching, updating, and deleting database records are all possible with SQL. A Microsoft SQL server can do a variety of different tasks, including database optimization and maintenance. The following is… Read More »

10 Best Machine Learning Certifications to Get in 2022

Machine Learning is among the most intriguing and fast-paced computer science subjects with strong foundations in statistics. One of the key factors that drive the popularity of machine learning is its wide range of applications in various industries. Machine learning models are used in chatbots, spam filtering, ad serving, search engines, and fraud detection, to name a few.… Read More »

10 Best DevOps Certification Programs in 2022

In the information technology industry, getting everyone on the same page is difficult, especially when it comes to software development. Therefore, organizations are searching for people who are ready to get right in and offer the value that DevOps can bring. DevOps, in general, necessitates knowledge of Linux system administration, DevOps tools, and cloud computing. A DevOps engineer… Read More »

Best Linux Certifications

It’s no secret that individuals who are well-versed with Linux can easily get high-paying jobs in the IT industry. From enormous data centers to small development companies, Linux system administrators, or “sysadmins,” are a vital workforce that maintains the software essential for a business to run smoothly and efficiently. However, for many inexperienced Linux sysadmins who are new… Read More »

10 Best Kubernetes Certifications

Any application produced in one environment usually crashes or underperforms in other environments. Another difficulty with the physical servers is constant resource allocation, which becomes essential when several applications are hosted on a single server. There have been instances where one application occupies a large number of resources, causing other applications to struggle and eventually crash. Virtualization, which… Read More »