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Data Science vs Data Analytics: What is the Difference?

Data science and data analytics, along with big data, have become buzzwords these days. Big data is a broad term and refers to voluminous and complex data sets generated from three primary data sources, namely social data, machine data, and transactional data. The traditional data processing and analysis systems cannot handle such complex and voluminous data, and hence,… Read More »

What is Data Analytics?

The term data analytics has become a buzzword in today’s data-driven world. Organizations and companies are generating vast amounts of data in the form of transactional data, log files, customer-related data, and so on. Also, social media platforms contribute a lot in generating large volumes of data. However, only generating data is not sufficient. Companies should use it… Read More »

10 Best Data Analytics Certification to Boost Your Career

Utilizing and configuring software and technologies is difficult, but putting together the appropriate team with the necessary capabilities to tackle data projects is even more difficult. This issue is the main reason for the growing demand for big data and analytics skills and certifications. Certification is an excellent way to boost your knowledge and grow your career as… Read More »

10 Best Data Analytics Tools for Your Business

Data analytics is a process to manage and analyze a big set of data correctly to make it explainable and presentable for finding conclusions. Therefore, it is essential to make appropriate decisions on the basis of a sophisticated collection of data. There are various data analytics tools available for data analytics, and many organizations are using these data… Read More »