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Data Science vs Data Mining

Continue reading to know the data science vs data mining comparison. Data is ruling the world right now. Moreover, with every passing second, new data is coming into the picture. As such, the data processing techniques are becoming better. As humans, we are trying to cope up with and develop new approaches to process and make sense of… Read More »

What is Apriori Algorithm in Data Mining? Implementation with Examples

Apriori algorithm is a type of unsupervised learning algorithm used for association rule mining. The algorithm searches for frequent items in datasets and builds correlations and associations in the itemsets. We often see ‘frequently bought together’ and ‘you may also like’ on the recommendation section of online shopping platforms. That’s possible because of the apriori algorithm! The name… Read More »

10 Best Data Mining Tools to Use in 2022

The primary objective of data mining is to identify patterns in the high quantities of data and convert that data into more actionable information. This method uses specific algorithms, artificial intelligence, database systems, and statistical analysis. It intends to obtain information from massive data sets for converting the same into an understandable structure for future use. There are… Read More »