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Data Science Lifecycle

Introduction Data Science is said to be an interdisciplinary field that consists of many phases. Data Scientists require many different skills like statistics, algebra, probability, programming, domain knowledge, etc., to define business problems accurately and then solve them. At each stage of the entire data science lifecycle, data scientists use various tools and techniques to get the best… Read More »

Data Science vs Data Mining

Are you looking to see the difference between data science vs data mining? Introduction to Data Science Data is ruling the universe right now, and new data is getting added every second, which means the data processing techniques are becoming better equipped. As humans, we are trying to cope with and develop new approaches to process and make… Read More »

Data Science Applications in Finance

Introduction – Data Science in a Snapshot Data science has changed the way businesses work today. It is used in almost all domains today. Financial analysts nowadays heavily rely on data for many tasks like fraud detection, managing risks, securing transactions, customer analytics, predictive analytics, and much more. Data is given the utmost importance in the field of… Read More »

Top Data Science Programming Languages

Introduction Your preparation for data science would be incomplete without knowledge of programming languages. Although there are many tools in the market for different phases of data science, the power of programming languages cannot be replaced by any of them. Many popular languages perform excellent complex calculations, data analysis, and visualizations, out of which we have chosen the… Read More »

Data Science with Spark

Introduction In this article, we will touch upon all the core concepts of Spark API; however, our focus is to use Spark for data science. The details about Spark provided in the article will be sufficient for you to understand performing Data science with Spark. For data collection and storage, Spark has a very nice distributed mechanism that… Read More »

Data Science for Beginners

Introduction Through this article, we have attempted to cover all the aspects of data science that a beginner should know. Whether you are a fresher or are coming from another job background, you can start learning data science. You can be a self-taught data scientist or learn through the various courses available online and offline. If you have… Read More »