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Java Data Types

Java supports two types of data types. Data types specify the type of value that can be stored within the variable that may vary in sizes and values. Java Data Types The two types of Java data types are- primitive and non-primitive 1. Primitive data-types These data types are the building blocks for manipulating the data. Below is… Read More »

C++ Data Types

Here in this tutorial, we are going to discuss all the various Data Types we use in C++. We will also discuss why we use data types. Data Figures C++ is a statically typed programming language so when we initialize a variable or identifier we have to specify its data types along with it. A data type represents… Read More »

Python Data Types

In this tutorial, we will discuss all Data Types used in Python. Python Data Types Python is a pure object-oriented programming language, which means that it is made up of Class and Objects, that you will learn later on this tutorial. For now, just to understand, it is defined as that Class is a structure of data which… Read More »