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What is Docker Networking?

Docker achieves isolation of containers by using some of the Linux kernel features called cgroups and namespaces and applies them to containers. But what if we have multiple containers and we want them to communicate with each other. For instance, suppose we have a frontend app and a backend app along with a message queue which must be… Read More »

What is Docker Swarm?

Docker is a free and open-source platform that can be used for building, delivering, and running applications in an isolated environment. Docker allows you to decouple your code from your hardware, allowing you to easily deploy and share apps. One of the highlighting features of docker is that we can run multiple docker environments in the same host… Read More »

Docker Storage Drivers

Docker storage drivers allow us to provide facilities for managing and storing images, containers, and other Docker objects efficiently on the Docker host machine. They are also termed, Graph Drivers. The Docker uses a pluggable architecture that allows them to support multiple storage drivers. Storage drivers provide ways through which we can write our workloads to the writable… Read More »

Important Docker Compose Commands

There are Docker commands that can be used to manage containers, images, networks, and various other objects. These are single Docker objects and are relatively easy to manage. However, in a microservices architecture, even a single application contains hundreds of containers/nodes/servers that must communicate with one another on a single network. Now, Checkout these best docker-compose commands with… Read More »