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What is Docker Image?

Docker is an open platform used to develop, ship, and run applications. With Docker, you can separate the applications from the infrastructure to quickly deliver your software. With the help of Docker’s methodologies, you can save plenty of time between writing a code and running it in production. There are ample elements associated with Docker, and one such… Read More »

What is a Docker Container?

Docker container technology came into existence in the year of 2013. The technology available from Docker and its open-source project, Moby, is leveraged by big tech giants, cloud providers, and data centre vendors. Moreover, the major open-source serverless frameworks also inhabit Docker container technology. In this article, we will talk about this technology in detail and expand our… Read More »

What is Docker Hub?

The official website of Docker Hub states that it is the world’s easiest way to create, deliver, as well as manage container applications. Additionally, it is the largest community and library in the case of container images. Docker Hub gives you the liberty to browse around 100000 container images from open-source projects, software vendors, and the community. A… Read More »

What is Docker Networking?

Docker achieves isolation of containers by using some of the Linux kernel features called cgroups and namespaces and applies them to containers. But what if we have multiple containers and we want them to communicate with each other. For instance, suppose we have a frontend app and a backend app along with a message queue which must be… Read More »

What is Docker Swarm?

Docker is a free and open-source platform that can be used for building, delivering, and running applications in an isolated environment. Docker allows you to decouple your code from your hardware, allowing you to easily deploy and share apps. One of the highlighting features of docker is that we can run multiple docker environments in the same host… Read More »