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What is Framework?

The term ‘framework’, in general, refers to a basic structure that serves as a support for developing something. Alternatively, you can define a framework as a foundation and build something on top of it. Let us consider that you are constructing a house. As you know, the foundation and frame of a house are the elementary components that… Read More »

What is Ionic Framework? Why to Use it Over Other Frameworks?

Ionic framework is an open-source hybrid mobile app development kit. It helps developers in creating mobile-based applications for mobile platforms, i.e. iOS and Android. Also, it is a cross-platform tool. With the help of this framework, developers can build hybrid mobile applications using various programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. It offers you a wide… Read More »

What is Tornado in Python?

Most of the Python web frameworks like Flask, Django, and Pyramid follow synchronous programming, which means their applications work on simple request and response architecture. The views written in synchronous Python web applications respond to the user when the user visits a specific URL. These days most applications use real-time updates, and Python synchronous-based web frameworks are not… Read More »

What is Bottle Framework in Python (An Introduction to Bottle Framework)

Python support many web frameworks for the rapid development of web applications and server-side scripting. Bottel is also one of Python’s WSGI micro web-frameworks. Micro because it is lightweight and has no external dependencies, it only uses Python standard modules and WSGI to design and run web applications. Because of its few dependencies, it’s very easy and straightforward… Read More »