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PHP Array Functions

PHP supports many array functions that enable developers to manipulate arrays. PHP arrays allow you to store, manage and operate on variables. You can use either a single dimensional or multidimensional array that can be created by the developer or by any function. This feature comes with PHP and there is no need to make any configuration changes… Read More »

PHP – Functions

PHP – Functions Functions can be defined as the block of the code or some set of instructions that executes by the PHP. these functions may or may not take parameters to pass to that code block. There are two types of functions that are supported by PHP. 1. Built-in functions As we all know that PHP has… Read More »

C++ Functions

A function is a block of code that is used to perform a specific. In C++ we have at least one function for every program which is main(). By default in C++, we have to make a main() function because the C++ compilers search for the main() function to start the execution. C++ Functions Every statement which has… Read More »