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Best Linux Certifications

It’s no secret that individuals who are well-versed with Linux can easily get high-paying jobs in the IT industry. From enormous data centers to small development companies, Linux system administrators, or “sysadmins,” are a vital workforce that maintains the software essential for a business to run smoothly and efficiently. However, for many inexperienced Linux sysadmins who are new… Read More »

PING Command in Linux with examples

Linux offers a highly creative and flexible environment when it comes to accomplishing various tasks through commands. For running commands in the Linux terminal, you should have a good understanding of Linux’s command-line interface and basic Linux commands. In this article, we will focus exclusively on the Linux PING command and its usage with several options. So, without… Read More »

How to Use cd Command in Linux?

Moving across different directories can be a frequent operation while working with Linux. You may need to move forward in some directory or even go to the root directory of your system. All the tasks that require you to move across different directories can be handled by using the cd command in Linux. This command is shorthand for… Read More »

How to Learn Linux?

In 1991, Linus Torvalds introduced Linux as an open-source operating system. Today, there is no limitation of its usage due to its scalability, stability, flexibility, and robust nature. Several devices like smartphones, smart heaters, smart TVs, and even some supercomputers are powered by Linux. This article will help you to develop a basic understanding of Linux, the reasons… Read More »

Shell Commands in Linux

A shell is a computer program interface (generally, a command-line interface) that allows users to interact with the operating system using the instructions written in alphanumeric characters. A shell accepts human-readable commands and utilities, which are processed by the kernel for performing various tasks. Most shell programs make use of the terms standard input and standard output while… Read More »

How to Install Docker Compose in Linux?

Docker Compose is one of the most popular tools provided by Docker among DevOps professionals. It allows you to run and manage multi-container applications using a single host and a single command line. You can run multiple services of your application in isolated environments and manage each of them using simple Docker Compose commands. Moreover, you can easily… Read More »