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Bash Scripting in Linux

Kernel and Shell are the two main elements of an operating system. A kernel is the operating system’s brain, and it is in charge of everything in the system. Shell is an exterior wrap that protects the kernel from direct user interference. What is Shell? Shell is a one-of-a-kind program that gives the user a way to communicate… Read More »

10 Best Online Linux Terminals to Use in 2022

If you are an avid Linux user, you must probably be familiar with virtual Linux terminals, also referred to as virtual consoles (VC). A Linux operating system comes with a virtual terminal. It is used to run and control various utilities and applications. Not just Linux, virtual terminals are used by most Unix-like operating systems too, including Linux,… Read More »

CP Command in Linux

In this article, we will discuss the cp command in Linux. It helps to easily copy directories and files in Linux file systems or any other Unix-based files systems. We will walk you through a detailed guide that will help you get started with the syntax of the cp command and its use cases. The Linux command-line can… Read More »

Unix vs Linux: Difference Between Linux and Unix

The difference between Unix and Linux i.e. Unix vs Linux is a prevalent interview question. Many newcomer developers confuse UNIX with Linux because of the resemblance in their names, similar command features and overlapping applications. If we look at the market share of operating systems, Linux dominates over UNIX, even though both the operating systems can be used… Read More »