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Java Operators

Java supports a number of operators that allows you to perform various operations on the variables. Below are the commonly used operators are given below- Bitwise Operator, Logical Operator, Ternary Operator and Assignment Operator. Unary Operator, Arithmetic Operator, Shift Operator, Relational Operator, These operators have precedence over the other and is defined using below table- Operator Type Category… Read More »

SQL – Operators

In SQL we have various operators to perform operations on data, and an operator can be represented by a special symbol or by a reserved character. Operators always used along with the SQL statements and they come very handy to perform reading and writing operations. The operators in SQL are divided into 3 major categories: Arithmetic operators Comparison… Read More »

PHP – Operators

PHP – Operators Operators are used for performing various functions or operations on variables and values. PHP supports a number of operator types to get the desired output. Some of the operators are defined below- Arithmetic operators Logical operator Conditional operator Assignment operator Comparison operator 1. Arithmetic operators Arithmetic operators perform arithmetic operations on variables and on the… Read More »