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10 Best PHP Books for Programmers of All Levels

In this article, we shall discuss why developers prefer PHP for web development. Moreover, we will highlight some best books to learn the PHP language, intended for both beginners and experienced programmers. PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language for developing dynamic websites and web applications. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, and earlier, it was referred to… Read More »

Top 10 PHP Alternatives to Consider in 2022

PHP is an open-source and general-purpose scripting language used across the globe for web development. In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP using the C language and some components of the C++ language. But it came into the market in 1995. Initially, PHP was referred to as Personal Home Page, and currently, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. As PHP… Read More »

PHP Array Functions

PHP supports many array functions that enable developers to manipulate arrays. PHP arrays allow you to store, manage and operate on variables. You can use either a single dimensional or multidimensional array that can be created by the developer or by any function. This feature comes with PHP and there is no need to make any configuration changes… Read More »

PHP – DOM Parser

DOM parsers work well with both XML and HTML. This parser is tree-based where DOM first loads the data into the Dom object then it will load the data to the browser.  Below example will help you to understand how to access the HTML data in the web browser. Example: <?php   $html = ‘       <head>          <title>DATA</title>      </head>       <body> … Read More »

PHP – Simple XML

This simple XML parser will parse the name, containing attributes and the text content within the simple XML file. These are tree-based parsers. PHP supports some of the XML functions that are described below. simplexml_load_file()- this function has five parameters among which the first parameter is mandatory as it takes the file path to load the XML file.… Read More »