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PHP – XML introduction

What is XML and how you can use it with PHP XML which is a mark-up language allows you to share data across the network. XML is tree-based and event-based. PHP supports four XML parsers that are based on libxml, those parsers are- simple XML parser, DOM XML parser, XML parser and XML reader. Simple XML parser- these… Read More »

PHP – AJAX Search

You can include the AJAX code within the PHP code that allows you to communicate web pages and the webserver. Below example gives you an outlook on how you can use search filed with AJAX and PHP working together. Check more about PHP – AJAX Search below. PHP – AJAX Search Below code will open the file (demo_file.php)… Read More »

PHP – Form Validation

In forms, some of the fields are important and it is necessary that we validate it those fields are filled or not. PHP supports two types of validation: Client-side validation– validation is done on the client-side web browser. Server-side validation– after the submission of the data, the data is sent to the server where it is being validated… Read More »

PHP – For C Developers

There are many similarities and differences that both languages possess. Below are some points that you can consider working with these languages. Similarities Syntax: It is most of the PHP syntax is similar to C, which includes- Code is blank space insensitive, semicolons are used to terminate the statements, PHP has the same function calls structure as in C,… Read More »